Student Awards

Throughout the school year, our students will have many opportunities to earn awards. Below, you will find the awards and the requirements to earn these awards.

Honor Roll (grades 3-6 only)

This award is based on achieving academic excellence in Reading, Writing, and Math. Students receiving A grades in these core subjects will be given an Honor Roll Award at the end of each semester. An A in Science or Social Studies may make up for the lack of an A in one core area.

Reading = A
Writing = A
Math = A

Outstanding Student English Language Arts and Mathematics Awards (K-2)

Awards are earned based upon grade level specific criteria. Please see your child’s teacher for the grade level criteria.

Improvement Award

Two students from each class will be chosen who have made notable academic growth throughout the semester, but do not qualify for Honor Roll or Outstanding Student Awards.

Awards Assemblies

The awards assemblies will be held in December and May. Dates and times are to be determined.

Perfect Attendance Award

Perfect attendance is defined as not having any absences, both excused and unexcused for each semester. In addition, students must have less than 3 tardies or early outs. Students with perfect attendance will receive a special certificate that will be handed out at the end of the semester in the classroom. In addition, students with perfect attendance for the year will be entered into a special drawing for a price. The drawings will be held at the end of each semester. In addition, a special grand prize drawing will be held at the end of the year for students with year-long perfect attendance.

Each month, the grade with the highest percentage of attendance will have lunch with either Mr. Land or Mr. Plescia along with music in the MPR during their lunch period.

Ribbon Awards for Character

Character awards will be given monthly. The last Friday of the month, one student from each class, who has exhibited the character trait of the month, will receive a special ribbon.

August = Responsibility
September = Respect
October = Self Discipline
November = Honesty
December = Gratitude
January = Fairness
February = Courage
March = Caring
April = Perseverance
May = Reflection

Chargers Ignite

This program is designed to promote academic success and enforce school rules. In order for students to earn a quest, they must:

1. Complete 90% of homework
2. Complete 90% of classwork
3. 95% attendance rate. Only 2 absences or less per quarter. Students may not have more than three, 10 minute tardies and/or early outs per quarter.
4. Appropriate school-wide behavior with no referrals

Students who accomplish these tasks during each trimester will be rewarded with the following items:

1. 30 minutes (approximate time) out of class at an event.
2. A dog tag for that time period.
3. Trophies and Medals (at the end of the year): 4 out of 4 Chargers Ignites = Pennant

Chargers Ignite will be held in October, December, March, and May.